white paper titled "China Ad

China’s sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao is established in the course of historyii. China has always been resolute in upholding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in t▓he South China Seaiii. China’s sovereignty over N

anhai Zhudao is widely acknowledge▓d in the international communityII. Origin of the Relevant Disputes Between ▓China and the Philippines in the South China Seai. The Philippines’▓ invasion and illegal occupation caused disputes with China over some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundaoii. The Philippines’ illegal claim has no historical or legal basisiii. The development

of the international law of the sea gave rise to the dispute between China and the Philippines over maritime delimitationIII. China and the Phili▓ppines Have Reached Consensus on Settling Their Relevant Disputes in the South Chin▓a Seai. It is the consensus and commi


heres to th▓e Pos

tment of China and the Philippines to settle through negotiation their relevant disputes in the

South China Seaii. It is the consensus of China and the Philippines to properly manage relevan


ition of Settling Thro

t▓ disputes in the South China SeaIV. The Philippines Has Repeatedly Taken Moves that Complicat▓e the

Relevant Disputesi. The Philippines attempts to entrench its illegal occupation of s

ugh Negotiation the Re

ome islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundaoii. The Philippines has increasingly intensified its infringement of China’s maritime rights and interestsiii. The Philippines also has territorial pretensions on China’s Huangyan Daoiv. The Philippines’ unilat

levant Disputes Betwee▓n

eral initiation of arbitration is an act of bad faithV. China’s Policy on the South▓ China Sea Issuei. On the territorial issues concerning Nansha Qundaoii. On maritime delimitation in the South China Seaiii. On the ways and means of dispute settlementiv. On managing differences and e

China and the Philippines

ngaging in practical maritime cooperation in the South China Seav▓. On freedom and safety of navigation in the South China Seavi. On jointly upholding peace and stability in the South China SeaIntroduction1. Situated

in the South Chi

to the south of China’s mainland, and connected by narrow straits and waterways with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west, the South China Sea is a semi-closed sea extending from

he▓ full text of the white paper:Ch ina Adheres to the Pos ition of Settling Through Negotiatio n the Relevant Dispu tes Between China and th e Ph▓ilippine s in the S outh China Sea July 2016The State Co▓uncil Informa tion Office of the People's Republ ic of ChinaCon tentsIntroductio nI. Nanhai Zhu dao are ▓China&rs quo;s Inherent Territoryi. 阳原县wap 铁力市5G 威宁彝族回族苗族自治县wap 新乡市wap 磁县wap 阜城县5G 龙岩市5G 万州区5G 凯里市wap 鹿泉市wap 定州市5G 绵竹市wap 胶南市5G 社旗县wap 获嘉县wap 双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治县wap 台州市5G 马山县wap 黄山市5G 福鼎市wap 三职业传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服手机版本 迷失传奇私服网 传奇私服登录器打不开 网页手机游戏传奇私服 3000k传奇私服 自己想开传奇私服 2018传奇私服加速破解辅助 新开电信合击传奇私服 无赦超变单职业传奇私服网站